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Our Mission

Decarbon's mission is to bring humanity into harmony with nature via consumer empowerment.

Harmony = eliminating our harmful impact on the planet
Empowerment = creating resources that enable effective action

I started Decarbon because I'm... scared.

The climate emergency feels more and more desperate, and for years I've struggled to understand both what my contribution to the problem is and what I can actually do about it.

Hopefully Decarbon will serve as a simple tool to help demystify those things for us. If understanding the climate impact of a purchase was just as easy as knowing it's price, if tracking everything was super easy, and if we all reduced our impact to within a sustainable amount, maybe we can start to turn this ship around. (I know that oil companies and governments bear the biggest responsibility, but that doesn't mean we should do nothing!)

Lastly, we're committed to keeping Decarbon completely free for everyone - no paywalls, ads, or selling your data.

Peace and love,

Kyle Graycar
Founder, Decarbon

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