Our Values

v1. Last updated 7/17/2023.

Give everyone a voice 🎤

We belive that a diverse team and user base is key to our success and to solving climate change. This means we're approaching Decarbon from the bottom up and building in public. We're able to give everyone a voice by maintaining a radical degree of accessibility and transparency about our work. Every individual contribution matters. Ego doesn't.

Live what we build ❤️‍🔥

We're building products and tools that we ourselves want to use. We're choosing passion over profit.

Truth in science 🔬

We align our work to what the science is telling us on climate change, carbon, and environmentalism; even when it's inconvenient.

Move quick but purposefully 🧗

We think long-term and own what we do. Moving purposefully means we're always sharing what we're doing and maintaining our other values as we try to move fast.

Have fun 🌴

We believe in being sustainable in work and life. Having fun means we avoid burnout. We do our best work when we're having fun.