It’s hard to do anything all by yourself.

That’s doubly true for taking climate action. Most climate actions don’t directly make you personally healthier or wealtheir (although some do!). So it really helps to have a group of people encouraging you and joining you on the journey. Climate change is a communal issue, after all.

With version 4.2.0, you can now join and form teams to organize around climate action. You can also track how many actions have been taken by your team, and share new actions within your teams.

The Decarbon team on Decarbon

Introducing this team structure makes it easier for anyone to take higher quality action.

For one, teams and their climate actions can now be specific to a your life and routine, making it more relevant and straightforward to engage.

Second, it’s just cool to see other people reducing their emissions with you. If I see that Zack’s switched to commuting by bike, I can ask him about it and get his support for changing up my own routine.

Some potential different kinds of teams are:

And more! If you don’t yet see a team on Decarbon that matches your interests, you should start one and invite your peers to join.

If you have any ideas or feedback on Decarbon teams, please let us know!