Open-Source Carbon Footprint Database


Decarbon maintains an open-source database of carbon footprint emissions factors for every dollar (USD) spent on hundreds of purchase categories. This data is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International.

Why open source?

We need to speak the same "carbon language". There are many resources available online for how to measure CO2e for various things, but our open-source list is the first that ties purchase categories to an emissions intensity (kg CO2e per dollar spent).

We believe that carbon emissions accounting needs to be as transparent as possible. Users need to trust the information on their carbon impact that is presented to them. With Decarbon's open-source carbon footprint database anyone can see exactly how we're making our calculations. Other organizations and individuals can also use our data!

Our calculations are highlighted in the app when you tap on specific purchases and then tap "See Calculation".

Contributors welcome

Our database is being constantly improved and expanded. To contribute, please open an issue or make a pull request on our GitHub repo. We also would love any suggestions and feedback at


List of Carbon Emission Intensities by Purchase Category

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  1. Bank Fees (0g CO2e/$)
  2. Bank Fees, Overdraft (0g CO2e/$)
  3. Bank Fees, ATM (0g CO2e/$)
  4. Bank Fees, Late Payment (0g CO2e/$)
  5. Bank Fees, Fraud Dispute (0g CO2e/$)
  6. Bank Fees, Foreign Transaction (0g CO2e/$)
  7. Bank Fees, Wire Transfer (0g CO2e/$)
  8. Bank Fees, Insufficient Funds (0g CO2e/$)
  9. Bank Fees, Cash Advance (0g CO2e/$)
  10. Bank Fees, Excess Activity (0g CO2e/$)
  11. Cash Advance (0g CO2e/$)
  12. Community (0g CO2e/$)
  13. Community, Animal Shelter (0g CO2e/$)
  14. Community, Assisted Living Services (0g CO2e/$)
  15. Community, Assisted Living Services, Facilities and Nursing Homes (0g CO2e/$)
  16. Community, Assisted Living Services, Caretakers (0g CO2e/$)
  17. Community, Cemetery (0g CO2e/$)
  18. Community, Courts (0g CO2e/$)
  19. Community, Day Care and Preschools (0g CO2e/$)
  20. Community, Disabled Persons Services (0g CO2e/$)
  21. Community, Drug and Alcohol Services (0g CO2e/$)
  22. Community, Education (0g CO2e/$)
  23. Community, Education, Vocational Schools (0g CO2e/$)
  24. Community, Education, Tutoring and Educational Services (0g CO2e/$)
  25. Community, Education, Primary and Secondary Schools (0g CO2e/$)
  26. Community, Education, Fraternities and Sororities (0g CO2e/$)
  27. Community, Education, Driving Schools (0g CO2e/$)
  28. Community, Education, Dance Schools (0g CO2e/$)
  29. Community, Education, Culinary Lessons and Schools (0g CO2e/$)
  30. Community, Education, Computer Training (0g CO2e/$)
  31. Community, Education, Colleges and Universities (0g CO2e/$)
  32. Community, Education, Art School (0g CO2e/$)
  33. Community, Education, Adult Education (0g CO2e/$)
  34. Community, Government Departments and Agencies (0g CO2e/$)
  35. Community, Government Lobbyists (0g CO2e/$)
  36. Community, Housing Assistance and Shelters (0g CO2e/$)
  37. Community, Law Enforcement (0g CO2e/$)
  38. Community, Law Enforcement, Police Stations (0g CO2e/$)
  39. Community, Law Enforcement, Fire Stations (0g CO2e/$)
  40. Community, Law Enforcement, Correctional Institutions (0g CO2e/$)
  41. Community, Libraries (0g CO2e/$)
  42. Community, Military (0g CO2e/$)
  43. Community, Organizations and Associations (0g CO2e/$)
  44. Community, Organizations and Associations, Youth Organizations (0g CO2e/$)
  45. Community, Organizations and Associations, Environmental (0g CO2e/$)
  46. Community, Organizations and Associations, Charities and Non-Profits (0g CO2e/$)
  47. Community, Post Offices (0g CO2e/$)
  48. Community, Public and Social Services (0g CO2e/$)
  49. Community, Religious (0g CO2e/$)
  50. Community, Religious, Temple (0g CO2e/$)
  51. Community, Religious, Synagogues (0g CO2e/$)
  52. Community, Religious, Mosques (0g CO2e/$)
  53. Community, Religious, Churches (0g CO2e/$)
  54. Community, Senior Citizen Services (0g CO2e/$)
  55. Community, Senior Citizen Services, Retirement (0g CO2e/$)
  56. Food and Drink (273g CO2e/$)
  57. Food and Drink, Bar (65g CO2e/$)
  58. Food and Drink, Bar, Wine Bar (85g CO2e/$)
  59. Food and Drink, Bar, Sports Bar (53g CO2e/$)
  60. Food and Drink, Bar, Hotel Lounge (57g CO2e/$)
  61. Food and Drink, Breweries (56g CO2e/$)
  62. Food and Drink, Internet Cafes (351g CO2e/$)
  63. Food and Drink, Nightlife (50g CO2e/$)
  64. Food and Drink, Nightlife, Strip Club (50g CO2e/$)
  65. Food and Drink, Nightlife, Night Clubs (50g CO2e/$)
  66. Food and Drink, Nightlife, Karaoke (50g CO2e/$)
  67. Food and Drink, Nightlife, Jazz and Blues Cafe (50g CO2e/$)
  68. Food and Drink, Nightlife, Hookah Lounges (57g CO2e/$)
  69. Food and Drink, Nightlife, Adult Entertainment (50g CO2e/$)
  70. Food and Drink, Restaurants (351g CO2e/$)
  71. Food and Drink, Restaurants, Winery (90g CO2e/$)
  72. Food and Drink, Restaurants, Vegan and Vegetarian (152g CO2e/$)
  73. Food and Drink, Restaurants, Juice Bar (79g CO2e/$)
  74. Food and Drink, Restaurants, Ice Cream (165g CO2e/$)
  75. Food and Drink, Restaurants, Donuts (152g CO2e/$)
  76. Food and Drink, Restaurants, Distillery (26g CO2e/$)
  77. Food and Drink, Restaurants, Dessert (152g CO2e/$)
  78. Food and Drink, Restaurants, Cupcake Shop (152g CO2e/$)
  79. Food and Drink, Restaurants, Coffee Shop (67g CO2e/$)
  80. Healthcare (0g CO2e/$)
  81. Healthcare, Healthcare Services (0g CO2e/$)
  82. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Psychologists (0g CO2e/$)
  83. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Pregnancy and Sexual Health (0g CO2e/$)
  84. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Podiatrists (0g CO2e/$)
  85. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Physical Therapy (0g CO2e/$)
  86. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Optometrists (0g CO2e/$)
  87. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Nutritionists (0g CO2e/$)
  88. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Nurses (0g CO2e/$)
  89. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Mental Health (0g CO2e/$)
  90. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Medical Supplies and Labs (0g CO2e/$)
  91. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers (0g CO2e/$)
  92. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Emergency Services (0g CO2e/$)
  93. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Dentists (0g CO2e/$)
  94. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Counseling and Therapy (0g CO2e/$)
  95. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Chiropractors (0g CO2e/$)
  96. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Blood Banks and Centers (0g CO2e/$)
  97. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Alternative Medicine (0g CO2e/$)
  98. Healthcare, Healthcare Services, Acupuncture (0g CO2e/$)
  99. Healthcare, Physicians (0g CO2e/$)
  100. Healthcare, Physicians, Urologists (0g CO2e/$)
  101. Healthcare, Physicians, Respiratory (0g CO2e/$)
  102. Healthcare, Physicians, Radiologists (0g CO2e/$)
  103. Healthcare, Physicians, Psychiatrists (0g CO2e/$)
  104. Healthcare, Physicians, Plastic Surgeons (0g CO2e/$)
  105. Healthcare, Physicians, Pediatricians (0g CO2e/$)
  106. Healthcare, Physicians, Pathologists (0g CO2e/$)
  107. Healthcare, Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons (0g CO2e/$)
  108. Healthcare, Physicians, Ophthalmologists (0g CO2e/$)
  109. Healthcare, Physicians, Oncologists (0g CO2e/$)
  110. Healthcare, Physicians, Obstetricians and Gynecologists (0g CO2e/$)
  111. Healthcare, Physicians, Neurologists (0g CO2e/$)
  112. Healthcare, Physicians, Internal Medicine (0g CO2e/$)
  113. Healthcare, Physicians, General Surgery (0g CO2e/$)
  114. Healthcare, Physicians, Gastroenterologists (0g CO2e/$)
  115. Healthcare, Physicians, Family Medicine (0g CO2e/$)
  116. Healthcare, Physicians, Ear, Nose and Throat (0g CO2e/$)
  117. Healthcare, Physicians, Dermatologists (0g CO2e/$)
  118. Healthcare, Physicians, Cardiologists (0g CO2e/$)
  119. Healthcare, Physicians, Anesthesiologists (0g CO2e/$)
  120. Interest (0g CO2e/$)
  121. Interest, Interest Earned (0g CO2e/$)
  122. Interest, Interest Charged (0g CO2e/$)
  123. Payment (0g CO2e/$)
  124. Payment, Credit Card (0g CO2e/$)
  125. Payment, Rent (0g CO2e/$)
  126. Payment, Loan (0g CO2e/$)
  127. Recreation (0g CO2e/$)
  128. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment (0g CO2e/$)
  129. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Theatrical Productions (0g CO2e/$)
  130. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Symphony and Opera (0g CO2e/$)
  131. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Sports Venues (0g CO2e/$)
  132. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Social Clubs (0g CO2e/$)
  133. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Psychics and Astrologers (0g CO2e/$)
  134. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Party Centers (0g CO2e/$)
  135. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Music and Show Venues (0g CO2e/$)
  136. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Museums (0g CO2e/$)
  137. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Movie Theatres (0g CO2e/$)
  138. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Fairgrounds and Rodeos (0g CO2e/$)
  139. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Entertainment (0g CO2e/$)
  140. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Dance Halls and Saloons (0g CO2e/$)
  141. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Circuses and Carnivals (0g CO2e/$)
  142. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Casinos and Gaming (0g CO2e/$)
  143. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Bowling (0g CO2e/$)
  144. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Billiards and Pool (0g CO2e/$)
  145. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Art Dealers and Galleries (0g CO2e/$)
  146. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Arcades and Amusement Parks (0g CO2e/$)
  147. Recreation, Arts and Entertainment, Aquarium (0g CO2e/$)
  148. Recreation, Athletic Fields (0g CO2e/$)
  149. Recreation, Baseball (0g CO2e/$)
  150. Recreation, Basketball (0g CO2e/$)
  151. Recreation, Batting Cages (0g CO2e/$)
  152. Recreation, Boating (0g CO2e/$)
  153. Recreation, Campgrounds and RV Parks (0g CO2e/$)
  154. Recreation, Canoes and Kayaks (0g CO2e/$)
  155. Recreation, Combat Sports (0g CO2e/$)
  156. Recreation, Cycling (0g CO2e/$)
  157. Recreation, Dance (0g CO2e/$)
  158. Recreation, Equestrian (0g CO2e/$)
  159. Recreation, Football (0g CO2e/$)
  160. Recreation, Go Carts (0g CO2e/$)
  161. Recreation, Golf (0g CO2e/$)
  162. Recreation, Gun Ranges (0g CO2e/$)
  163. Recreation, Gymnastics (0g CO2e/$)
  164. Recreation, Gyms and Fitness Centers (0g CO2e/$)
  165. Recreation, Hiking (0g CO2e/$)
  166. Recreation, Hockey (0g CO2e/$)
  167. Recreation, Hot Air Balloons (0g CO2e/$)
  168. Recreation, Hunting and Fishing (0g CO2e/$)
  169. Recreation, Landmarks (0g CO2e/$)
  170. Recreation, Landmarks, Monuments and Memorials (0g CO2e/$)
  171. Recreation, Landmarks, Historic Sites (0g CO2e/$)
  172. Recreation, Landmarks, Gardens (0g CO2e/$)
  173. Recreation, Landmarks, Buildings and Structures (0g CO2e/$)
  174. Recreation, Miniature Golf (0g CO2e/$)
  175. Recreation, Outdoors (0g CO2e/$)
  176. Recreation, Outdoors, Rivers (0g CO2e/$)
  177. Recreation, Outdoors, Mountains (0g CO2e/$)
  178. Recreation, Outdoors, Lakes (0g CO2e/$)
  179. Recreation, Outdoors, Forests (0g CO2e/$)
  180. Recreation, Outdoors, Beaches (0g CO2e/$)
  181. Recreation, Paintball (0g CO2e/$)
  182. Recreation, Parks (0g CO2e/$)
  183. Recreation, Parks, Playgrounds (0g CO2e/$)
  184. Recreation, Parks, Picnic Areas (0g CO2e/$)
  185. Recreation, Parks, Natural Parks (0g CO2e/$)
  186. Recreation, Personal Trainers (0g CO2e/$)
  187. Recreation, Race Tracks (0g CO2e/$)
  188. Recreation, Racquet Sports (0g CO2e/$)
  189. Recreation, Racquetball (0g CO2e/$)
  190. Recreation, Rafting (0g CO2e/$)
  191. Recreation, Recreation Centers (0g CO2e/$)
  192. Recreation, Rock Climbing (0g CO2e/$)
  193. Recreation, Running (0g CO2e/$)
  194. Recreation, Scuba Diving (0g CO2e/$)
  195. Recreation, Skating (0g CO2e/$)
  196. Recreation, Skydiving (0g CO2e/$)
  197. Recreation, Snow Sports (0g CO2e/$)
  198. Recreation, Soccer (0g CO2e/$)
  199. Recreation, Sports and Recreation Camps (0g CO2e/$)
  200. Recreation, Sports Clubs (0g CO2e/$)
  201. Recreation, Stadiums and Arenas (0g CO2e/$)
  202. Recreation, Swimming (0g CO2e/$)
  203. Recreation, Tennis (0g CO2e/$)
  204. Recreation, Water Sports (0g CO2e/$)
  205. Recreation, Yoga and Pilates (0g CO2e/$)
  206. Recreation, Zoo (0g CO2e/$)
  207. Service (0g CO2e/$)
  208. Service, Advertising and Marketing (0g CO2e/$)
  209. Service, Advertising and Marketing, Writing, Copywriting and Technical Writing (0g CO2e/$)
  210. Service, Advertising and Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization (0g CO2e/$)
  211. Service, Advertising and Marketing, Public Relations (0g CO2e/$)
  212. Service, Advertising and Marketing, Promotional Items (0g CO2e/$)
  213. Service, Advertising and Marketing, Print, TV, Radio and Outdoor Advertising (0g CO2e/$)
  214. Service, Advertising and Marketing, Online Advertising (0g CO2e/$)
  215. Service, Advertising and Marketing, Market Research and Consulting (0g CO2e/$)
  216. Service, Advertising and Marketing, Direct Mail and Email Marketing Services (0g CO2e/$)
  217. Service, Advertising and Marketing, Creative Services (0g CO2e/$)
  218. Service, Advertising and Marketing, Advertising Agencies and Media Buyers (0g CO2e/$)
  219. Service, Art Restoration (0g CO2e/$)
  220. Service, Audiovisual (0g CO2e/$)
  221. Service, Automation and Control Systems (0g CO2e/$)
  222. Service, Automotive (146g CO2e/$)
  223. Service, Automotive, Towing (93g CO2e/$)
  224. Service, Automotive, Motorcycle, Moped and Scooter Repair (264g CO2e/$)
  225. Service, Automotive, Maintenance and Repair (264g CO2e/$)
  226. Service, Automotive, Car Wash and Detail (0g CO2e/$)
  227. Service, Automotive, Car Appraisers (0g CO2e/$)
  228. Service, Automotive, Auto Transmission (354g CO2e/$)
  229. Service, Automotive, Auto Tires (57g CO2e/$)
  230. Service, Automotive, Auto Smog Check (0g CO2e/$)
  231. Service, Automotive, Auto Oil and Lube (283g CO2e/$)
  232. Service, Business and Strategy Consulting (0g CO2e/$)
  233. Service, Business Services (0g CO2e/$)
  234. Service, Business Services, Printing and Publishing (8g CO2e/$)
  235. Service, Cable (0g CO2e/$)
  236. Service, Chemicals and Gasses (1g CO2e/$)
  237. Service, Cleaning (1g CO2e/$)
  238. Service, Computers (0g CO2e/$)
  239. Service, Computers, Maintenance and Repair (0g CO2e/$)
  240. Service, Computers, Software Development (0g CO2e/$)
  241. Service, Construction (356g CO2e/$)
  242. Service, Construction, Specialty (356g CO2e/$)
  243. Service, Construction, Roofers (38g CO2e/$)
  244. Service, Construction, Painting (330g CO2e/$)
  245. Service, Construction, Masonry (317g CO2e/$)
  246. Service, Construction, Infrastructure (1761g CO2e/$)
  247. Service, Construction, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (1g CO2e/$)
  248. Service, Construction, Electricians (1g CO2e/$)
  249. Service, Construction, Contractors (356g CO2e/$)
  250. Service, Construction, Carpet and Flooring (396g CO2e/$)
  251. Service, Construction, Carpenters (1g CO2e/$)
  252. Service, Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy Services (0g CO2e/$)
  253. Service, Dating and Escort (0g CO2e/$)
  254. Service, Employment Agencies (0g CO2e/$)
  255. Service, Engineering (0g CO2e/$)
  256. Service, Entertainment (0g CO2e/$)
  257. Service, Entertainment, Media (0g CO2e/$)
  258. Service, Events and Event Planning (0g CO2e/$)
  259. Service, Financial (0g CO2e/$)
  260. Service, Financial, Taxes (0g CO2e/$)
  261. Service, Financial, Student Aid and Grants (0g CO2e/$)
  262. Service, Financial, Stock Brokers (0g CO2e/$)
  263. Service, Financial, Loans and Mortgages (0g CO2e/$)
  264. Service, Financial, Holding and Investment Offices (0g CO2e/$)
  265. Service, Financial, Fund Raising (0g CO2e/$)
  266. Service, Financial, Financial Planning and Investments (0g CO2e/$)
  267. Service, Financial, Credit Reporting (0g CO2e/$)
  268. Service, Financial, Collections (0g CO2e/$)
  269. Service, Financial, Check Cashing (0g CO2e/$)
  270. Service, Financial, Business Brokers and Franchises (0g CO2e/$)
  271. Service, Financial, Banking and Finance (0g CO2e/$)
  272. Service, Financial, ATMs (0g CO2e/$)
  273. Service, Financial, Accounting and Bookkeeping (0g CO2e/$)
  274. Service, Food and Beverage (245g CO2e/$)
  275. Service, Food and Beverage, Distribution (217g CO2e/$)
  276. Service, Food and Beverage, Catering (273g CO2e/$)
  277. Service, Funeral Services (0g CO2e/$)
  278. Service, Geological (0g CO2e/$)
  279. Service, Home Improvement (152g CO2e/$)
  280. Service, Home Improvement, Upholstery (180g CO2e/$)
  281. Service, Home Improvement, Tree Service (1g CO2e/$)
  282. Service, Home Improvement, Swimming Pool Maintenance and Services (1g CO2e/$)
  283. Service, Home Improvement, Storage (1g CO2e/$)
  284. Service, Home Improvement, Roofers (38g CO2e/$)
  285. Service, Home Improvement, Pools and Spas (1g CO2e/$)
  286. Service, Home Improvement, Plumbing (1g CO2e/$)
  287. Service, Home Improvement, Pest Control (470g CO2e/$)
  288. Service, Home Improvement, Painting (330g CO2e/$)
  289. Service, Home Improvement, Movers (497g CO2e/$)
  290. Service, Home Improvement, Mobile Homes (1g CO2e/$)
  291. Service, Home Improvement, Lighting Fixtures (1g CO2e/$)
  292. Service, Home Improvement, Landscaping and Gardeners (1g CO2e/$)
  293. Service, Home Improvement, Kitchens (356g CO2e/$)
  294. Service, Home Improvement, Interior Design (1g CO2e/$)
  295. Service, Home Improvement, Housewares (180g CO2e/$)
  296. Service, Home Improvement, Home Inspection Services (1g CO2e/$)
  297. Service, Home Improvement, Home Appliances (700g CO2e/$)
  298. Service, Home Improvement, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (1g CO2e/$)
  299. Service, Home Improvement, Hardware and Services (268g CO2e/$)
  300. Service, Home Improvement, Fences, Fireplaces and Garage Doors (268g CO2e/$)
  301. Service, Home Improvement, Electricians (1g CO2e/$)
  302. Service, Home Improvement, Doors and Windows (268g CO2e/$)
  303. Service, Home Improvement, Contractors (152g CO2e/$)
  304. Service, Home Improvement, Carpet and Flooring (396g CO2e/$)
  305. Service, Home Improvement, Carpenters (1g CO2e/$)
  306. Service, Home Improvement, Architects (1g CO2e/$)
  307. Service, Household (0g CO2e/$)
  308. Service, Human Resources (0g CO2e/$)
  309. Service, Immigration (0g CO2e/$)
  310. Service, Import and Export (0g CO2e/$)
  311. Service, Industrial Machinery and Vehicles (1g CO2e/$)
  312. Service, Insurance (0g CO2e/$)
  313. Service, Internet Services (0g CO2e/$)
  314. Service, Leather (1g CO2e/$)
  315. Service, Legal (0g CO2e/$)
  316. Service, Logging and Sawmills (42g CO2e/$)
  317. Service, Machine Shops (42g CO2e/$)
  318. Service, Management (0g CO2e/$)
  319. Service, Manufacturing (669g CO2e/$)
  320. Service, Manufacturing, Apparel and Fabric Products (414g CO2e/$)
  321. Service, Manufacturing, Chemicals and Gasses (777g CO2e/$)
  322. Service, Manufacturing, Computers and Office Machines (110g CO2e/$)
  323. Service, Manufacturing, Electrical Equipment and Components (110g CO2e/$)
  324. Service, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage (434g CO2e/$)
  325. Service, Manufacturing, Furniture and Fixtures (180g CO2e/$)
  326. Service, Manufacturing, Glass Products (839g CO2e/$)
  327. Service, Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery and Equipment (173g CO2e/$)
  328. Service, Manufacturing, Leather Goods (414g CO2e/$)
  329. Service, Manufacturing, Metal Products (408g CO2e/$)
  330. Service, Manufacturing, Nonmetallic Mineral Products (3900g CO2e/$)
  331. Service, Manufacturing, Paper Products (581g CO2e/$)
  332. Service, Manufacturing, Petroleum (2022g CO2e/$)
  333. Service, Manufacturing, Plastic Products (531g CO2e/$)
  334. Service, Manufacturing, Rubber Products (531g CO2e/$)
  335. Service, Manufacturing, Service Instruments (173g CO2e/$)
  336. Service, Manufacturing, Textiles (414g CO2e/$)
  337. Service, Manufacturing, Tobacco (434g CO2e/$)
  338. Service, Manufacturing, Transportation Equipment (358g CO2e/$)
  339. Service, Manufacturing, Wood Products (581g CO2e/$)
  340. Service, Media Production (0g CO2e/$)
  341. Service, Metals (408g CO2e/$)
  342. Service, Mining (2646g CO2e/$)
  343. Service, Mining, Coal (7380g CO2e/$)
  344. Service, Mining, Metal (279g CO2e/$)
  345. Service, Mining, Non-Metallic Minerals (279g CO2e/$)
  346. Service, News Reporting (0g CO2e/$)
  347. Service, Oil and Gas (2022g CO2e/$)
  348. Service, Packaging (186g CO2e/$)
  349. Service, Paper (8g CO2e/$)
  350. Service, Personal Care (0g CO2e/$)
  351. Service, Personal Care, Tattooing (0g CO2e/$)
  352. Service, Personal Care, Tanning Salons (0g CO2e/$)
  353. Service, Personal Care, Spas (0g CO2e/$)
  354. Service, Personal Care, Skin Care (0g CO2e/$)
  355. Service, Personal Care, Piercing (0g CO2e/$)
  356. Service, Personal Care, Massage Clinics and Therapists (0g CO2e/$)
  357. Service, Personal Care, Manicures and Pedicures (0g CO2e/$)
  358. Service, Personal Care, Laundry and Garment Services (1100g CO2e/$)
  359. Service, Personal Care, Hair Salons and Barbers (0g CO2e/$)
  360. Service, Personal Care, Hair Removal (0g CO2e/$)
  361. Service, Petroleum (2022g CO2e/$)
  362. Service, Photography (0g CO2e/$)
  363. Service, Plastics (531g CO2e/$)
  364. Service, Rail (302g CO2e/$)
  365. Service, Real Estate (0g CO2e/$)
  366. Service, Real Estate, Real Estate Development and Title Companies (0g CO2e/$)
  367. Service, Real Estate, Real Estate Appraiser (0g CO2e/$)
  368. Service, Real Estate, Real Estate Agents (0g CO2e/$)
  369. Service, Real Estate, Property Management (0g CO2e/$)
  370. Service, Real Estate, Corporate Housing (0g CO2e/$)
  371. Service, Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate (0g CO2e/$)
  372. Service, Real Estate, Building and Land Surveyors (0g CO2e/$)
  373. Service, Real Estate, Boarding Houses (0g CO2e/$)
  374. Service, Real Estate, Apartments, Condos and Houses (0g CO2e/$)
  375. Service, Real Estate, Rent (0g CO2e/$)
  376. Service, Refrigeration and Ice (1g CO2e/$)
  377. Service, Renewable Energy (1g CO2e/$)
  378. Service, Repair Services (0g CO2e/$)
  379. Service, Research (0g CO2e/$)
  380. Service, Rubber (531g CO2e/$)
  381. Service, Scientific (0g CO2e/$)
  382. Service, Security and Safety (0g CO2e/$)
  383. Service, Shipping and Freight (221g CO2e/$)
  384. Service, Software Development (0g CO2e/$)
  385. Service, Storage (93g CO2e/$)
  386. Service, Subscription (0g CO2e/$)
  387. Service, Tailors (0g CO2e/$)
  388. Service, Telecommunication Services (0g CO2e/$)
  389. Service, Textiles (414g CO2e/$)
  390. Service, Tourist Information and Services (0g CO2e/$)
  391. Service, Transportation (358g CO2e/$)
  392. Service, Travel Agents and Tour Operators (0g CO2e/$)
  393. Service, Utilities (1423g CO2e/$)
  394. Service, Utilities, Water (142g CO2e/$)
  395. Service, Utilities, Sanitary and Waste Management (973g CO2e/$)
  396. Service, Utilities, Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (1g CO2e/$)
  397. Service, Utilities, Gas (5079g CO2e/$)
  398. Service, Utilities, Electric (2342g CO2e/$)
  399. Service, Veterinarians (0g CO2e/$)
  400. Service, Water and Waste Management (1g CO2e/$)
  401. Service, Web Design and Development (0g CO2e/$)
  402. Service, Welding (1g CO2e/$)
  403. Service, Agriculture and Forestry (4091g CO2e/$)
  404. Service, Agriculture and Forestry, Crop Production (5323g CO2e/$)
  405. Service, Agriculture and Forestry, Forestry (140g CO2e/$)
  406. Service, Agriculture and Forestry, Livestock and Animals (6810g CO2e/$)
  407. Service, Agriculture and Forestry, Services (4091g CO2e/$)
  408. Service, Art and Graphic Design (0g CO2e/$)
  409. Shops (518g CO2e/$)
  410. Shops, Adult (190g CO2e/$)
  411. Shops, Antiques (0g CO2e/$)
  412. Shops, Arts and Crafts (181g CO2e/$)
  413. Shops, Auctions (1g CO2e/$)
  414. Shops, Automotive (396g CO2e/$)
  415. Shops, Automotive, Used Car Dealers (1g CO2e/$)
  416. Shops, Automotive, Salvage Yards (1g CO2e/$)
  417. Shops, Automotive, RVs and Motor Homes (913g CO2e/$)
  418. Shops, Automotive, Motorcycles, Mopeds and Scooters (913g CO2e/$)
  419. Shops, Automotive, Classic and Antique Car (1g CO2e/$)
  420. Shops, Automotive, Car Parts and Accessories (264g CO2e/$)
  421. Shops, Automotive, Car Dealers and Leasing (680g CO2e/$)
  422. Shops, Beauty Products (40g CO2e/$)
  423. Shops, Bicycles (481g CO2e/$)
  424. Shops, Boat Dealers (913g CO2e/$)
  425. Shops, Bookstores (181g CO2e/$)
  426. Shops, Cards and Stationery (181g CO2e/$)
  427. Shops, Children (668g CO2e/$)
  428. Shops, Clothing and Accessories (668g CO2e/$)
  429. Shops, Clothing and Accessories, Women's Store (668g CO2e/$)
  430. Shops, Clothing and Accessories, Swimwear (668g CO2e/$)
  431. Shops, Clothing and Accessories, Shoe Store (668g CO2e/$)
  432. Shops, Clothing and Accessories, Men's Store (668g CO2e/$)
  433. Shops, Clothing and Accessories, Lingerie Store (190g CO2e/$)
  434. Shops, Clothing and Accessories, Kids' Store (668g CO2e/$)
  435. Shops, Clothing and Accessories, Boutique (668g CO2e/$)
  436. Shops, Clothing and Accessories, Accessories Store (668g CO2e/$)
  437. Shops, Computers and Electronics (386g CO2e/$)
  438. Shops, Computers and Electronics, Video Games (386g CO2e/$)
  439. Shops, Computers and Electronics, Mobile Phones (386g CO2e/$)
  440. Shops, Computers and Electronics, Cameras (386g CO2e/$)
  441. Shops, Construction Supplies (356g CO2e/$)
  442. Shops, Convenience Stores (884g CO2e/$)
  443. Shops, Costumes (668g CO2e/$)
  444. Shops, Dance and Music (668g CO2e/$)
  445. Shops, Department Stores (668g CO2e/$)
  446. Shops, Digital Purchase (0g CO2e/$)
  447. Shops, Discount Stores (884g CO2e/$)
  448. Shops, Electrical Equipment (386g CO2e/$)
  449. Shops, Equipment Rental (0g CO2e/$)
  450. Shops, Flea Markets (0g CO2e/$)
  451. Shops, Florists (0g CO2e/$)
  452. Shops, Food and Beverage Store (884g CO2e/$)
  453. Shops, Food and Beverage Store, Specialty (884g CO2e/$)
  454. Shops, Food and Beverage Store, Health Food (884g CO2e/$)
  455. Shops, Food and Beverage Store, Farmers Markets (884g CO2e/$)
  456. Shops, Food and Beverage Store, Beer, Wine and Spirits (360g CO2e/$)
  457. Shops, Fuel Dealer (4080g CO2e/$)
  458. Shops, Furniture and Home Decor (180g CO2e/$)
  459. Shops, Gift and Novelty (181g CO2e/$)
  460. Shops, Glasses and Optometrist (1g CO2e/$)
  461. Shops, Hardware Store (356g CO2e/$)
  462. Shops, Hobby and Collectibles (181g CO2e/$)
  463. Shops, Industrial Supplies (669g CO2e/$)
  464. Shops, Jewelry and Watches (400g CO2e/$)
  465. Shops, Luggage (465g CO2e/$)
  466. Shops, Marine Supplies (669g CO2e/$)
  467. Shops, Music, Video and DVD (157g CO2e/$)
  468. Shops, Musical Instruments (292g CO2e/$)
  469. Shops, Newsstands (105g CO2e/$)
  470. Shops, Office Supplies (460g CO2e/$)
  471. Shops, Outlet (668g CO2e/$)
  472. Shops, Outlet, Women's Store (668g CO2e/$)
  473. Shops, Outlet, Swimwear (668g CO2e/$)
  474. Shops, Outlet, Shoe Store (668g CO2e/$)
  475. Shops, Outlet, Men's Store (668g CO2e/$)
  476. Shops, Outlet, Lingerie Store (190g CO2e/$)
  477. Shops, Outlet, Kids' Store (668g CO2e/$)
  478. Shops, Outlet, Boutique (668g CO2e/$)
  479. Shops, Outlet, Accessories Store (668g CO2e/$)
  480. Shops, Pawn Shops (0g CO2e/$)
  481. Shops, Pets (240g CO2e/$)
  482. Shops, Pharmacies (240g CO2e/$)
  483. Shops, Photos and Frames (195g CO2e/$)
  484. Shops, Shopping Centers and Malls (668g CO2e/$)
  485. Shops, Sporting Goods (500g CO2e/$)
  486. Shops, Supermarkets and Groceries (884g CO2e/$)
  487. Shops, Tobacco (286g CO2e/$)
  488. Shops, Toys (412g CO2e/$)
  489. Shops, Vintage and Thrift (0g CO2e/$)
  490. Shops, Warehouses and Wholesale Stores (884g CO2e/$)
  491. Shops, Wedding and Bridal (1g CO2e/$)
  492. Shops, Wholesale (884g CO2e/$)
  493. Shops, Lawn and Garden (1g CO2e/$)
  494. Tax (0g CO2e/$)
  495. Tax, Refund (0g CO2e/$)
  496. Tax, Payment (0g CO2e/$)
  497. Transfer (0g CO2e/$)
  498. Transfer, Internal Account Transfer (0g CO2e/$)
  499. Transfer, ACH (0g CO2e/$)
  500. Transfer, Billpay (0g CO2e/$)
  501. Transfer, Check (0g CO2e/$)
  502. Transfer, Credit (0g CO2e/$)
  503. Transfer, Debit (0g CO2e/$)
  504. Transfer, Deposit (0g CO2e/$)
  505. Transfer, Deposit, Check (0g CO2e/$)
  506. Transfer, Deposit, ATM (0g CO2e/$)
  507. Transfer, Keep the Change Savings Program (0g CO2e/$)
  508. Transfer, Payroll (0g CO2e/$)
  509. Transfer, Payroll, Benefits (0g CO2e/$)
  510. Transfer, Third Party (0g CO2e/$)
  511. Transfer, Third Party, Venmo (0g CO2e/$)
  512. Transfer, Third Party, Square Cash (0g CO2e/$)
  513. Transfer, Third Party, Square (0g CO2e/$)
  514. Transfer, Third Party, PayPal (0g CO2e/$)
  515. Transfer, Third Party, Dwolla (0g CO2e/$)
  516. Transfer, Third Party, Coinbase (0g CO2e/$)
  517. Transfer, Third Party, Chase QuickPay (0g CO2e/$)
  518. Transfer, Third Party, Acorns (0g CO2e/$)
  519. Transfer, Third Party, Digit (0g CO2e/$)
  520. Transfer, Third Party, Betterment (0g CO2e/$)
  521. Transfer, Third Party, Plaid (0g CO2e/$)
  522. Transfer, Wire (0g CO2e/$)
  523. Transfer, Withdrawal (0g CO2e/$)
  524. Transfer, Withdrawal, Check (0g CO2e/$)
  525. Transfer, Withdrawal, ATM (0g CO2e/$)
  526. Transfer, Save As You Go (0g CO2e/$)
  527. Travel (453g CO2e/$)
  528. Travel, Airlines and Aviation Services (1283g CO2e/$)
  529. Travel, Airports (1g CO2e/$)
  530. Travel, Boat (1g CO2e/$)
  531. Travel, Bus Stations (660g CO2e/$)
  532. Travel, Car and Truck Rentals (1g CO2e/$)
  533. Travel, Car Service (206g CO2e/$)
  534. Travel, Car Service, Ride Share (206g CO2e/$)
  535. Travel, Charter Buses (660g CO2e/$)
  536. Travel, Cruises (553g CO2e/$)
  537. Travel, Gas Stations (4080g CO2e/$)
  538. Travel, Heliports (491g CO2e/$)
  539. Travel, Limos and Chauffeurs (190g CO2e/$)
  540. Travel, Lodging (173g CO2e/$)
  541. Travel, Lodging, Resorts (173g CO2e/$)
  542. Travel, Lodging, Lodges and Vacation Rentals (173g CO2e/$)
  543. Travel, Lodging, Hotels and Motels (173g CO2e/$)
  544. Travel, Lodging, Hostels (173g CO2e/$)
  545. Travel, Lodging, Cottages and Cabins (173g CO2e/$)
  546. Travel, Lodging, Bed and Breakfasts (173g CO2e/$)
  547. Travel, Parking (0g CO2e/$)
  548. Travel, Public Transportation Services (529g CO2e/$)
  549. Travel, Rail (193g CO2e/$)
  550. Travel, Taxi (152g CO2e/$)
  551. Travel, Tolls and Fees (0g CO2e/$)
  552. Travel, Transportation Centers (1g CO2e/$)
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